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At Pets to Rest, we realize that losing your pet is possibly the most sad and emotional time of your life, other than losing a loved one. We offer unique pet urns for ashes that allow you to pay your final respects to a much loved pet in a special way. Our unique pet memorials let you remember your much loved companion in a way that is fitting for his/her personality or likes.

Many people who are not pet owners do not realize the impact of losing a pet. It is often a traumatic and devastating experience, especially for children. Pets are a part of your life, a part of your heart. Our unique pet urns help you get through the grieving process, so that you can begin healing. One day, you will look back at the times you shared with a smile on your face, and a laugh in your heart. The unique pet urns for ashes we offer serve many purposes. Whether you want unique pet memorials that can be displayed inside with your other decor, or urns and markers for use outdoors, Pets to Rest offers only the best.

As far as unique pet urns go, our Fire Hydrant Dog Urn and Yarn Ball Pink Cat Urn are truly original and inspired. If whimsical is not your desire, you may want to remember your pet with our exquisitely beautiful Mahogany Rotating Picture Frame Pet Urn. Choosing unique pet memorials is a very personal choice, and one that only you can make. You know your pet better than anyone, and we invite you to browse our large selection of unique pet urns. From whimsical to classically beautiful to elegant and inspirational, we offer something to suit any need.

If the pet you lost was a puppy, our Angel Winged Puppy Urn is absolutely precious. The glowing bronze-look resin urn holds a sweet puppy laying on his blanket, resting after a full day of play. This is one of our selection of unique pet urns for ashes that is sure to touch your heart.

Here at Pets to Rest you can find some of the most unique pet urns available on the market today. We constantly work to find unique pet urns for our customers, so that we may best serve your needs.

Right now, you are most likely sad, heartbroken and feel as if a part of you is missing. The grieving process is a natural, necessary part of life to help you deal with your feelings. One day, you will be able to think back about your beloved pet without the sad thoughts. At Pets to Rest, our unique pet urns and memorials are our way of helping make just one small detail a little easier for you. Please contact us if you need help or have any questions, and thank you for visiting.