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At Pets to Rest, we understand that losing a cherished pet and loyal companion gives you a great sense of loss. For some, the grief is nearly impossible to bear. We offer an outstanding selection of marble pet urns that are very affordable. For your best friend, a simple burial just doesn't seem fitting. You want to do something very special for a pet that was your constant companion. Our marble pet cremation urns are elegant and absolutely exquisite.

While some may call it silly, losing a pet can be every bit as devastating as losing a member of your family. Whether your pet passed because of natural causes or suffered a tragic accident, our marble pet urns will help you remember him forever, and never forget the joy and fun times you shared. Right now you are sad; you may even feel lost. Time heals all wounds, and pet cremation urns will one day help you reflect back to the good old days you shared with your loyal friend.

At Pets to Rest, we understand that losing any member of your family, whether human or a pet, is often traumatic. It's times like these that choosing the perfect memorial is the hardest. Our marble pet urns allow you to choose a style or design that suits your needs. You may want to display the urn in a room where the family often gathers, or in a more private area where you can go to be alone with your memories. The marble pet cremation urns we offer make a beautiful addition to any decor.

Our Ginger Jar Earth Marbled Urn is classic, and weaved throughout with beautiful shades of brown and amber. When illuminated by a soft light source, this urn gives off a warm, comforting glow. It is a perfect accent for you nightstand or any other chosen area. Whether your pet was small in size or large, this marble pet urn is available for either need.

Another stunning option is our Angel & Earth Traditional Marble Urn which is absolutely gorgeous. This unique urn protects the spirit of your beloved pet with loving outstretched wings. You will want to place this original piece in an area where you can enjoy its beauty often. With any of the quality marble pet urns offered at Pets to Rest, you may choose to place favorite toys and other mementos around them to create a truly special and meaningful tribute to your much loved pet.

At Pets to Rest, our mission is to provide you with beautiful, lasting memorials that are of exceptional quality and priced right. Browse our exquisite selection of marble pet urns as well as other selections to find the perfect memorial for your pet. Thank you for visiting, and please contact us if we can help in any way.