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Losing a Beloved Cat


The loss of a beloved feline friend is a difficult experience for any cat love to endure. Not only are you losing a close companion, but also the presence of an unconditionally loving soul from your everyday life. Cat owners have a strong bond with their beloved pet. Humans are drawn to the affection that cats give, and the silent emotional support that they offer whenever needed. Ironically, one of the times that you need their loving support the most, you can no longer have it. If is for this reason that mourning the loss of a cat demands time and patience from the bereaved. So how do you cope with the losing such a dear friend?

Don’t expect things to get better overnight.
Just like the pain that you experience when losing a family member, mourning the death of a cat can be very difficult. Time is an essential ingredient needed to heal after losing any close companion. The chances are that you won’t go to sleep and wake up fully healed from the emotional pain. Like physical wounds, emotional wounds usually take a substantial amount of time to heal. You’ll know when you feel better, but until then, don’t force it.

Communicate with a sympathetic listener.
As you may have already noticed, not all people are sympathetic toward the loss of a pet. It is important not to let other people’s opinions get to you. Instead, find a trusted friend or companion that you know is an avid animal lover, and express your feelings to him or her. Just knowing that someone else is feeling sadness over the loss of your pet will help you deal with the pain. It also helps to reflect on happier times that you and your cat shared. Remember that time Whiskers hid in the Christmas tree? Think of fond memories that you and your cat shared, and focus on the positive impact he or she had on your life.

Don’t rush to replace your lost cat.
While it may seem like a quick fix to fill the void that your cat left behind, do not rush into getting another cat. This is a particularly difficult rule to follow because, you long for the presence of your old cat. Give yourself time to heal from your loss. Instead of trying to replace your kitty, ensure that you give yourself ample time to grieve, and only get a new cat when you, and your family, are emotionally ready.

Honor your cat’s memory.
Even if it’s just a simple ceremony in the backyard, memorializing your pet helps bring closure. Some people choose the very intimate option of getting their cat cremated. This allows you to keep your cat forever-present in your home. If you choose this option, many beautiful urns are thoughtfully designed for cats.

Time, communication, and reflection can help bring closure after the sudden or expected death of a cat. It is important to be thankful for the special time in your life on which your cat left its paw prints.